Master stock “snack bar”


Credit China with developing the master stock. What most likely started as a matter of survival, over time morphed into a rich, complex liquid gold that has served as the bedrock of Chinese cuisine for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

For me, master stock started a little closer to home – my parents’ kitchen. The memory smell of dad’s turkey carcass boiling with herbs and aromatics ….mmm mouth watering.  Those aromas take me to a  comfortable  zone and with Turkey Day around the corner one thing on my to do list is load up on essentials  for yup you guessed it…’turkey stock’.  I’m pretty sure our house won’t be the only one, but I can’t get enough of the rich smell and I look forward to it late into Thanksgiving night ( and lingering all through the weekend.)

At the brewery I walk through the kitchen to take in the low and slow simmer of the stock pots. With that in mind I wanted to share Chef Christian’s take on our house stock forming the foundation for our soups, sauces, and stews.

House Stock Recipe (per gallon)

1 pound bones per gallon of stock desired (We typically make 30 gallons at a time, using whole ducks, chickens and smoked turkey legs. The bone variety will affect the flavor. My favorite is chicken and pigs feet as they lend an incredible silky mouth feel.)

1 onion chopped

1 celery stock chopped

1 carrot chopped

6 cloves garlic

Tomato paste (enough to coat bones after roasting)

Water (enough to cover bone plus a few extra inches in the pan)

Cooking Instructions

Pre-heat oven to 400 and spread bones across a roasting pan.

Once they start turning tan, add onion, celery, carrot and garlic on the roast pan and rub the bones with tomato paste.

Continue roasting until bones turn dark brown, and vegetables are carmelized.

Transfer bones and veggies to stock pot, cover with water and simmer til tasty. (I never get too specific, but that’s how to do it…just keep tasting until intense enough for you.) I recommend a Troegenator during the slow simmer phase.

Let stock cool, and pour through a strainer to remove solids.

That’s it – you’ve got stock, or the foundation for a world-class gravy.

Turducken Gravy Recipe

1 1/2  gallon duck (or turkey) stock

1 whole duck, cooked and shredded

1 whole turkey legs picked

1 whole chicken cooked and shredded

1 onion diced

1 cup tomato paste

1 large carrot diced

1 celery stalk chopped

1 cup duck fat

2 cups four

1 bay leaf

Salt and pepper, as needed

 Cooking Instructions

Heat the duck fat in a sauce pan and slowly add flour while stirring.

Stir constantly over the next 30-40 minutes to avoid burning. The color will deepen to a dark brown and release a nutty aroma.

Ladle stock in slowly while stirring. Over time, this will come together as a thick, hearty gravy. At the perfect consistency it should “stand up on a spoon.”

Season with fresh herbs, salt and pepper.

Add meat and simmer for another 20 minutes to capture all the flavors.

Serve over hand-cut fries and squeaky cheese curds.


Since these are Chef Christian’s creations, it’s fitting that he gets the final word on stock: “For me, creating a stock is akin to creating the pure essence of flavor.  As cooks we’re trained to use all and waste nothing. The stock is the final use, and it creates the basic building block for most of the food we create in the kitchen.”






New Art of Tröegs Launch @ The Garage

After months of developing pencil sketches into full-blown art, we celebrated our new reveal on the streets of Philadelphia with a few hundred friends. Our guerilla street team transformed The Garage in South Philly into a little Tröegs mecca for one night, complete with artists creating one-of-a-kind interpretations of the new logos. Such an honor to be considered a “local” in one of the finest beer cities in the country. Our new art has just started rolling out to all markets, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone.







Art of Troegs


Trogner brothers collaborate with Philadelphia-based designer Lindsey Tweed to update and reimagine iconic Tröegs artwork

HERSHEY, Pa. (November 3, 2015) – Today Tröegs Independent Brewing revealed the new art for its handcrafted beers. The hand-drawn artwork was a collaboration between co-owners Chris and John Trogner and Philadelphia-based designer Lindsey Tweed. The trio worked together closely to create the new look, which includes the reimagining some of the brewery’s most iconic figures like the Tröegenator.


“The art shows our love of the process and – most importantly – our love of beer,” said John Trogner, brewmaster and co-owner of Tröegs Independent Brewing. “The simple logos and hand-drawn fonts capture how we brew, and the artwork conveys what’s inside the bottle.”


Tweed’s initial project with the brewery, which included bottle and packaging artwork for Tröegs Hop Knife, Cultivator, and Blizzard of Hops was so well received the brothers decided to explore the approach across all labels. The initiative represents a homecoming of sorts: Tweed worked as an art director at Allen & Gerritsen, the same firm (then called Neiman Group) that designed iterations of Tröegs beer art 10 years ago.


The new designs are reminiscent of the artwork that Tröegs fans know and love but better reflect the brewery’s independence and personality. Tröegs devotees need not worry though: all beer recipes will stay the same.


“Since 1997, we’ve been in a state of perpetual evolution,” said Chris Trogner, Tröegs Independent Brewing co-owner. “Perpetual IPA was created as a direct reflection of that, and it’s emblematic of how we approach beer. The new artwork is an extension in our continuous quest to make delicious beer.”


The new art includes signature elements like the new die-cut Tröegs logo on the bottle and the “Handcrafted by the Tröegs Brothers” on the neck. The new artwork and packaging will be available at the brewery and in retail stores starting in mid-November. Tröegs has also launched a new website with updated merchandise including  logo tees, label art pint glasses, art prints and more. All merchandise will also be available at the brewery’s General Store.


“The opportunity to reimagine such an iconic brand is a huge honor – and one that happened to be really fun,” Tweed said. ” Collaborating with John and Chris was an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to see our work come to life.”





Sunny Brae Hop planting

From John’s Notebook: Hop Planting at Sunny Brae

Normally when you hear “so I met this guy on the internet” the story takes a turn for the worse…well not this one.

I don’t remember the exact post, but I came across a picture of one of our beers with fresh hops beside it and it looked delicious. That’s when I met Adam….turns out this guy decided to quit his day job, plow over his back yard (and the farm next to him), drive telephone pole size stakes in the ground and plant hops in an idyllic locale he named Sunny Brae Farms! Now that’s a guy I want to have a beer with (and also brew a beer with).



Adam’s interest in hop-growing stems from his background in soil science as well as his fascination with craft beer. And it turns out Sunny Brae provided the perfect soil for growing hops. The coarse, stony composition of the earth prevents the ground from getting too soggy, which can ultimately rot out hop roots, and the exposure to sunlight and breeze helps keep the base of his plants dry and aids in keeping common diseases under control. Ultimately Adam said his goal was to make a connection with the local community, and with the abundance of small, independent breweries in Central PA; he hopes to open the door to collaborations and infuse a sense of #local pride into the beers for which he provides hops.

Adam admits his decision to enter the hop-growing business took a big leap of faith. “There’s lots of planning and waiting involved and it’s a two- to three-year process just to get everything up and running.” However, he hopes to establish an organic approach to growing hops through the ideal conditions of his farm’s location.

When we started talking, Adam had an acre or so planted with first year plants and was looking for a brewery that was interested in taking wet hops…perfect timing we were looking for a local source for wet hops. The catch was his current farm wasn’t going to have enough for the batch size I was hoping for, and that small opportunity snowballed into the Troegs team helping to plant hundreds of baby hop rhizomes one beautiful morning in Carlisle Pennsylvania.

The goal for our day at Sunny Brae was to plant two acres of Cascade, Chinook, Comet, and Nugget hops to be used for future Scratch Beer releases.

Sunny Brae offered tools of the trade (shovels, garden trowels), plenty of ice-cold water, and beautiful scenery for the day, while our team supplied a good bit of sweat and elbow grease. The reward? Beer, of course! We cooled off with cans Cultivator Helles Bock after a sweltering morning of planting more than 1200 hop saplings.

Chef Christian provided a delicious ploughman’s lunch consisting of a variety of house-cured meats, cheeses and breads. The day culminated with a communal meal shared by both Tröegs and the fine folks at Sunny Brae outside on the farm under the sunny skies with bluegrass music playing in the background. All in all, it was a Sunny Brae day done the #troegsway.






Peter’s Orchard cherry selection trip




From John’s Notebook: A Bumper Cherry Crop

Family owned since 1870,  Peters Orchard sits on the northeast edge on Adams County in the middle of the Pennsylvania apple belt. We met up with third-generation owner Dave Peters on a warm morning in early July to check out  his bumper cherry crop. He said it was one of the largest crops in years, and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

how were they? uh..yup absolutely incredible.  Bouncing row to row we tasted several varieties each one  distinct…. launching numerous discussions about how we would use the fruit.

It turned out to be about a lot more than “tasting cherries.”  overtaking  all our senses as we picked, smelled, dissected, and finally popped them into our mouths.  Before long our fingers were stained red and recipes of sour brews were in my head.

With ‘Wild Elf’ in mind we decided on Balaton from this harvest. Off the tree, crushed and into our foeders, all we do now is wait (and taste on occasion) until the beer tells us its ready!


-say tuned….
















Excerpts from Tröegs Tales – January 2013

Pucker Up with Nugget Nectar
With The Mad Elf entering hibernation mode, now seems a fitting time to unleash our revered mid-winter seasonal, Nugget Nectar. With a heady collection of American hops, Nugget Nectar will rekindle your romance with the succulent humulus lupulus overload you’ve come to expect from this bold Imperial Amber Ale. “Nugget Nectar was inspired by fresh new hops rolling in from the harvest,” said John Trogner. Nugget Nectar is intensified with whole flower Nugget cones added to our hopback vessel and dry-hopped with our patented HopsCyclone™ technique. Keeping freshness in mind, we are shipping Nugget Nectar as fast as it is packaged. You can expect cases, six-packs, and bombers to start appearing in Central Pennsylvania in mid-January and expanding through our eight-state distribution area over the following four weeks. Draft Nugget Nectar will be released in mid-February and into early March.

PIPA in Perpetuity
After what appeared to be an unfortunate hop shortage, we are pleased to announce that Perpetual IPA is now flowing at retailers and our own General Store. Due to the overwhelming demand of our newest year-round beer (and thanks to the abundance of Citra hops from this year’s yield), we’re increasing production to ensure all you hopheads that Perpetual IPA is poised to flow indefinitely. Thanks for making this beer fly off the shelves!

Full Moon Firkin
The date and approximate time of a specific full moon can be calculated from the following equation:

d = 20.362955 + 29.530588861 x N + 102.026 x 10–12 x N2

For those of you who are mathematically challenged, our “Full Moon Firkin” series continues into 2013 with its first event scheduled to occur on Saturday, January 26. We will tap firkins of Nugget Nectar and Perpetual IPA for a special side-by-side tasting beginning at 3 p.m. Attributed to Native American folklore, the name “Wolf Moon” is derived from hungry wolf packs heard howling outside the natives’ villages during January’s full moon. In anticipation of the throngs of hopheads this event is likely to attract, we feel it is rather fitting to offer up this dog-eat-dog throwdown between two of our hoppiest contenders that will leave you foaming at the mouth!

Band of Brewers
Tröegs Brewery’s very own award-winning brewery band, Starsan, is set to come off a lengthy hiatus to participate in the inaugural Philly Beer Scene Band of Brewers event! This special charity concert will pit six local PA breweries against each other in a no-holds-barred, Battle of the Bands-style showdown. Participating breweries include Weyerbacher, Yards, Dock Street, Sly Fox, Victory, and of course Tröegs, who will be playing for the Gift of Life Organ Donation Program in memory of Danny Glover. Band of Brewers will take place at World Café Live in Philadelphia on Sunday, February 10 beginning at 1 p.m. and will also include draft beer and a special firkin from each participating brewery. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Tröegs 2012 “Beer” End Review and December News

Tröegs “Beer” End Review

With another year rapidly coming to a close, let us look back on 2012 and get nostalgic for a moment as we celebrate the first full year of Tröegs in Hershey, PA while providing a brief glimpse into the coming year.

We gave hopheads a reason to celebrate when we made Perpetual IPA a year-round offering, our first new year-round beer since JavaHead Stout. We also opened our Snack Bar in May to provide visitors with fresh, simple and local menu items to complement our hand-crafted beers.

We also hosted a few memorable events in 2012. We were pleased to be a part of the first-ever HydroWorx underwater marathon in September to help raise $350,000 for the Eagle Fund, an organization providing high-quality care and rehabilitation to our nation’s wounded warriors. Plans are already under way for another underwater marathon in 2013. Also, The Harrisburg Brewer’s Fest celebrated its 9th anniversary and boasted sold-out attendance at both sessions. To date, the festival has raised over $800,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Expect another fantastic festival in 2013 with over 50 participating breweries pouring a wide variety of craft beers from around the country.

Finally, we capped off our first year in Hershey with a huge win at The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO, where we took home three gold medals for HopBack Amber, DreamWeaver Wheat, and Sunshine Pils. As if that wasn’t enough, we also won Mid-Size Brewery of the Year!

As we ramp up for 2013, expect to enjoy more Scratch beers as well as bigger batches of seasonal favorites like Nugget Nectar and Mad Elf in the coming year. You may even see a Splinter release or two! By mid-2013, we anticipate increased production and efficiency by introducing a brand new bottling line and additional fermentation tanks. One thing is certain, though; we will continue to produce quality and consistent beers that you’ve all come to expect and enjoy from Tröegs. Here’s to looking forward to a fantastic New Year!

Elf Frenzy

That’s right! Elf Season has been prolonged as we recently released the draft version of our festive holiday seasonal, The Mad Elf Ale. The Elf hit the tap lines in our Tasting Room on Monday, November 19. Expect plenty of Elf sightings all throughout our distribution footprint as well. So kick back, relax, and enjoy some liquid Christmas next time you’re out and about. You can also pick up six-packs, cases, bombers, and mammoth 101oz. gift bottles at your nearest beer retailer. But you’d better hurry, because The Elf is rumored to go into hiding soon!

Scratch Beer Update

Scratch #81: Export Lager – This particular beer style originated in Dortmund, Germany in the 19th Century to compete with the more fashionable pilsners of the day. Scratch #81 harkens back to one of the first Tröegs beers ever produced – our Bavarian Lager. This slightly dry, pale golden lager has subtle hop bitterness and a fairly low ABV, making it a perfect session beer. Availability: draft only. Release date: 11/30/12.

Scratch #82 – Tripel – The term “Tripel” was popularized by Trappist brewery Westmalle to describe its brawniest strong pale ale. Well, we assure you that this is indeed one brawny Triple! Brewed with 450lbs. of PA honey and Westmalle yeast, expect this latest Scratch Tripel to be sweet and stealthy with plenty of alcohol weight. Availability: cases, six-packs, growlers, and draft. Release date: 12/7/12.

Scratch #83 – ¿Impending Descent? – As we spiral further toward the end of the Mayan calendar, Tröegs is brewing up a special beer to commemorate the expiration of planet Earth. Celebrate the countdown to extinction and raise a goblet of this colossal Russian Imperial Stout as we plummet into oblivion. If your tongue doesn’t disintegrate as a result of the birthday party cheesecake jellybean BOOM, it most certainly will wreak major havoc on your taste buds. ¿Impending Descent? is as enormous, face-melting, and palate-numbing as it sounds. If there ever was a last beer to enjoy before the apocalypse, this is it! Availability: cases, six-packs, growlers, and draft. Release date: 12/12/12.

Full Moon Firkin

Join us in the Tasting Room on Friday, December 28 for the last “Full Moon Firkin” event of the year. Assuming the world doesn’t come to an end on December 21, we will tap a firkin of ¿Impending Descent? at 3 p.m. followed by subsequent firkins as needed. Since we will have become fully ensconced in winter by then, come celebrate the “Cold Full Moon” with a beer that will warm you up from the inside out!

Stocking Stuffers

It’s not too late to pick up some great stocking stuffers for the holidays! Stop by our General Store at the brewery or shop our on-line Tröegs Gift Shop and check out some brand new items, such as a variety of Tröegs iPhone decals, Mad Elf patches, and Mad Elf tree ornaments. Look for newly designed Mad Elf winter hats later this week as well. You can also pick up a new Women’s long sleeve DreamWeaver shirt for the special female beer drinker in your life. Finally, we have a variety of infant and toddler apparel for “Baby’s First Christmas.” Don’t forget to place your on-line order by Thursday, December 20 to guarantee delivery for Christmas.

December Events

For a complete listing of Tröegs Events, please visit