Did you know that DreamWeaver Wheat, our GABF gold medal-winning German-style Hefeweizen, has been a staple of our year-round lineup since 2009? Since this beer is here to stay, we thought it was time to give its label art and packaging a refresh. So, for the new look of DreamWeaver, we decided to keep our heads in the clouds!

That’s also the approach Philadelphia-based designer Lindsey Tweed – whose creative mind reimagined our artwork back in 2015 – decided to take with her latest label refresh.

“DreamWeaver was one of the first labels I designed for Tröegs,” says Tweed. “At the time, I never imagined I’d be revisiting it many years later. I loved updating the original lettering style with a fresh pop of periwinkle and fluffy clouds that speak to both the flavor and the feeling of kicking back with this beer.”

The grain bill incorporates 55% wheat, which contributes a cloudy, golden appearance and full-bodied mouthfeel.

“When we moved from Harrisburg to Hershey, we installed two open-top fermentation tanks specifically designed to ferment DreamWeaver,” explains our brewmaster John Trogner.


Most recently, our brewing team introduced a traditional German technique of resting the freshly fermenting beer in a flotation tank, which allows proteins and inactive yeast to settle out.

“We’re creating the optimum environment for the hefeweizen yeast with subtle adjustments to temperature,” says our brewing manager Tim Mayhew. “Then, during the open fermentation, we skim off any remaining proteins and ‘braun hefe’ that bubble to the top.”

It’s this crucial step that helps us achieve the soft, delicate notes of banana, clove, and subtle black pepper – all hallmarks of DreamWeaver’s flavor profile!

“It’s a little time-consuming and requires some extra work, but ultimately this additional process makes for a better beer,” says Trogner.

In addition to draft, look for DreamWeaver Wheat’s new packaging, exclusively in 6-packs of 12-oz. cans everywhere our beer is sold. Use our Brew Finder to locate some near you!