Field Study, our slightly hazy and bright summer IPA, is here.

Field Study was inspired by our annual hop-selection trip to the Pacific Northwest’s Yakima Valley. As the label says, “In the hop fields we daydream and study, and at the brewery we tinker and test.”

The tinkering and testing for Field Study started in our small-batch Scratch Series with #327, the same starting point for LolliHop Double IPA. That’s when we started making subtle tweaks to mash temperatures, the mineral composition of our water, and the timing and temperature of hop additions.

“Field Study began life as Scratch #327, when we first started tinkering with some new hopping techniques,” explains Tröegs brewmaster John Trogner.

Scratch #335 built on those experiments, and it was there that we landed on a grain bill featuring a backbone of local pale malt.

Each year, we include about 100,000 pounds of barley in Field Study that is grown and harvested in Pennsylvania. Then just outside Philadelphia, our friends at Double Eagle Malt do the rest, turning the grains into Rustic Pale malt. This malted barley is kilned slightly higher than most pale malts to amplify the complex cereal and slightly nutty notes.

We then fine-tuned the hop combination through Scratches #344 and #361.

“After a few trials,” says brewmaster John Trogner, “we finally arrived at what we think is a winning combination for Field Study: Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado.”

With its bright profile and low bitterness, Field Study appeals to a variety of palates – IPA drinkers and non-IPA drinkers alike. We taste: ripe grapefruit, pear and a hint of melon. 6.2% ABV.

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And remember, it’s only available for a limited time, so grab it while you can!