Each year as Art of Tröegs Contest submissions start rolling in, we’re always overwhelmed by the creativity of our fans… and this year was no different! We received so many amazing entries, but in the end it was Jess Geiger and her colorful “The Harmony of Hops” custom painted acoustic guitar that won our hearts.

“Just like flavors in a beer and chords on a guitar, I wanted this piece to be harmonious and fun!” wrote Jess in her inspiration story. “My concept for the front of the guitar was to create an illustrative landscape using artwork from some of Tröegs’ iconic brews.”

Some of our most beloved beers – and Jess’ favorites – are included, like LolliHop, Mad Elf, DreamWeaver, Troegenator and more.

She added, “When it came to the back, I knew I wanted to paint a portrait of Chris and John. It was important for me to highlight their artistry…”

Our first runner up, Erin Hayes, took inspiration from our year-round hazy pale ale, Haze Charmer. Intrigued by the beer’s promise to be spellbinding, she poured her love of fantastical worlds and legends into creating a whimsical hop fairy for her piece titled “Magic in a Bottle”.

“I believe that the pop of a bottle cap can transport you to a world of enchantment,” Erin wrote about her piece. “Whether it’s the burst of flavors on your taste buds, the clanking of bottles and laughter of close friends, or just a refreshing break from a long day – taking a sip of Tröegs can be entrancing.”

Jennifer Eubanks, our second runner-up, is no stranger to our Art of Tröegs contest. Each year, we’re consistently wowed by her submissions. For her entry this year, she fashioned the likeness of our iconic Troegenator using wool roving, wheat and felt for her piece titled, simply, “The Troegenator”. Instead of an inspiration story, she included this brief bit of prose to accompany her entry:

We don’t go into the fields during the red moon.

That’s his time.

Meticulously gathering the ingredients for his gift.

Monster, madman, genius…friend.

The Troegenator.

Congrats to Jess, Erin and Jennifer for their amazing entries. These three masterpieces – along with ten or so others – will be on display in our Art of Tröegs Gallery later this year for all to enjoy!