“I’ll take a two-story pilsner, please.”

Have you seen the new mural taking shape in our Tasting Room? Our designer Zoë collaborated with Philly-area Art of Tröegs alum Michael “The Hoff” Grosso to bring it to life.

“We wanted to show off the variety of beers that we brew here at Tröegs,” says Zoë. “And we were going for a celebratory vibe. That room is all about togetherness and happiness. Finding what you like and sharing it with friends and family.”

Grosso’s steady hand is responsible for a lot of work around the brewery, from our General Store to our Food Truck to our Scratch Lab.

“I’m a pinstriper, kustom kulture artist and sign painter,” he says. “I work on cars, metal panels, toys … anything that’ll stay still long enough. It’s tough to master this art. I don’t think anybody actually does.”

Check out our Visit Page and make plans to come see the new mural for yourself!