Nugget Nectar, an Imperial Amber Ale that brightens up the post-holiday doldrums, is here!

This excessively dry-hopped beer started out as a kind-of birthday gift from our Brewmaster John Trogner to himself. John’s birthday is in January, which is around the time when the first hops from our fall selection start arriving at the brewery. He wanted to brew something really special – and hoppy – to celebrate the arrival of that year’s “fresh-off-the-bine” Nugget hops.

It turned out to be the perfect storm of a great beer, paired with a great name and iconic imagery. With that, another Tröegs cult classic was born.

Like Troegenator and Mad Elf, Nugget helped put Tröegs on the map. When it debuted back in 2004, there was nothing else like it. In fact, we called it an Imperial Amber as sort of a joke – but in reality, it was a first of its kind. To this day, Nugget is one of our most requested beers and remains a bright spot in the depths of winter.

It’s no surprise that Nugget hops take center stage, adding dank notes of pine and grapefruit. Simcoe chimes in with hints of ripe mango and creamsicle, and it’s all balanced with enough kilned malt to add body and a touch of sweetness.

With its beautiful orange color, big hop flavor and 7.5% ABV, Nugget will help keep you warm on those dark, cold winter nights.

Nugget Nectar is available on draft, in 12-oz cans and bottles, and in 16-oz. cans wherever Troegs is sold. We ship this beer as soon as it rolls off the packaging line, so once the holidays are over, ask for Nugget Nectar at your favorite local bottleshop. Find it near you at