Each year as Art of Tröegs entries start rolling in, we are truly overwhelmed by the creativity of our fans. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, our artistic fans surprised us once again with a collection of submissions we only could have dreamed about when we launched this contest more than a decade ago. In the end, it was this “Beer Garden Goddess” painting that captured our hearts and our grand prize this year. The work was submitted by Lori Remmel, and it was inspired by the world around her.

“We are what we drink, eat, hear, touch, feel, dream,” wrote Lori in her inspiration story behind this submission.

For the goddess element of this mixed media piece, she made her own paint, using over a dozen of our beers including DreamWeaver Wheat, Sunshine Pilsner and Jovial, to name a few.

“With the paint, I created the sensual dancer on handmade paper,” she added. “Some of the hues were tangy and warm-orange, while others turned out dark and thick. I then housed her in a protective garden, made of tape transfer collage, resin, and space-making beads for an effervescent pop.”

For Lori, her Beer Garden Goddess is a reminder that we are what we surround ourselves with. “I choose to live deliciously, mindfully, and sensually, surrounding myself with good people, adventure, and richly diverse flavors… all things that Tröegs embodies.”

For our first runner-up, titled “Minibeasts of Tröegs,” Julie Noel of Hanover, PA, took a few of our beers’ flavor profiles and re-imagined them as vibrant watercolor bugs.

“With spring upon us, hibernation is awakened. With Haze Charmer, Sunshine Pilsner, and Mad Elf Ale as my inspiration, I imagined what they would form as minibeasts of the warmer weather. The fresh, bright tasting elements of these beers reflect on the vibrant season,” wrote Julie.

Our second runner-up comes from Katharine Winchell of Easton, PA, with her piece entitled “Here’s To Us!” that was inspired by her daughter’s engagement and how the right proportions and the right characteristics are lovingly brought together in beer. She created this colorful, three-dimensional mixed media piece using glass, resin, fabric, plastic, paint, and a variety of Tröegs packaging including our bottlecaps and beer labels.

“If the dream of a wedding is to bring together two unique souls to create an even better, more harmonious whole than they were as individuals, then the dream of a brewery is to combine two primary ingredients, hops and barley, to create the perfectly harmonious beverage,” said Katharine.

These three amazing pieces – along with a dozen or so others – will be on display in our Art of Tröegs Gallery later this year for all to enjoy!