Lucky Holler, a hazy IPA inspired by our annual hop selection trip to the Pacific Northwest, is now available!

Every September, we send two teams of brewers to the Yakima Valley, the hop-growing hotbed of America. Our teams walk row after row of hops, inspecting the bines, crushing the cones in their hands and rubbing them until their oils fill the air.

“We go to Yakima to select hops for the beers that everybody knows and loves,” says Tröegs brewmaster and cofounding brother John Trogner. “Beers like Perpetual IPA, Nimble Giant and Nugget Nectar.

“And we’re also open to discovering new hops or combinations that might inspire us, an ‘a-ha’ moment where a new recipe starts taking shape.”

The recipe development then plays out back here at the brewery through our Scratch Series. For Lucky Holler, we went through several test batches before landing on a hop combination of Citra, Simcoe and the Australian variety Galaxy.

The backbone of Lucky Holler is built with malted oats, pale malt, unmalted wheat and white wheat. That provides the beer’s hazy profile.

“We wanted to find out exactly how haze affects the flavor of a beer,” says John.

We discovered that haze plays an important role in flavor, propping up oils that would typically fall out during fermentation.

“So the haze acts like a hop-oil delivery system to your palate.”

Lucky Holler delivers bright waves of ripe pineapple, juicy citrus and ripe passionfruit. Fermenting with London-3 yeast adds hints of tropical gummies.

Weighing in at 6.8% ABV, this hazy, hoppy harvest ale joins our popular Hop Cycle series of seasonally rotating IPAs. Lucky Holler is available throughout late summer and fall on draft and in 12-oz. cans and bottles wherever Tröegs beer is sold.

It’s so good you’ll wanna holler!

Find Lucky Holler near you.