Join us in wishing well to brewer Andrew Tice, who departed on Feb 28th to make an attempt at completing the Appalachian Trail in it’s entirety. In his nearly 3 years with us, Tice brought us such memorable moments as Cacaobunga Stout (Scratch #27) and the great Hopback geyser of ought-nine, as well as a ton of brewing smarts and the ability to keep us laughing even at the most stressful of times. He will be missed.

Replacing Tice is Jeff Campbell. Jeff has been with us for a couple of years, starting out part-time in the tasting room, then moving on to packaging, filler operation, and various cellar tasks. He’s a hard worker who can be counted on in a pinch. He also happened to best all of us in our Iron Brewer contest, winning the award for Best Beer. Look for it in the next month or so when we release his Belgian-style Quad with Currants as a new Scratch Beer.