This week, we’ve started a long-awaited project here at Tröegs. By the end of June, our east parking lot will double in size, traffic flow will be improved, and our new Beer Garden will fully open.

The big dig starts April 27, and while construction is under way, we’ll open a temporary stone lot so we don’t lose any parking capacity. The entrance off Hershey Park Drive will remain open. 

“We started planning and permitting this well over a year ago,” says Tröegs brother Chris Trogner. “This project takes us right up to the edge of the property we lease. It’s exciting to finally get moving.”

The ground underneath the new parking area will house a state-of-the-art water retainment system. Working with RGS Associates of Lancaster, LandStudies of Lititz, Derry Township engineers and the Dauphin County Conservation District, we’ve designed a system to collect, hold and filter runoff in a sustainable, natural way.

Plans for the Beer Garden, including food and beer service, are being finalized.