What if we took the big and malty Troegenator and made it even bigger, even maltier? So big, you could tuck it away and age it for a year or four. For this sippable triple bock, we stuffed our mash tun full with Munich and chocolate malts and added Belgian candy sugar for a rigorous fermentation. In the end, Triple Nator delivers deep toffee and crisp malty notes.

“I’m very excited about this recipe,” says brewmaster John Trogner. “It has its roots in Troegenator, but we didn’t want to just turn up the volume. We asked ourselves, ‘Is it possible to brew a beer above 13% ABV but still have it be nuanced in flavor?’ That was the goal.

“To that end, we boiled the wort a long time, reducing it in volume by about 30%. That’s how we got the high gravity, and the extra fermentables from the Demerara and Belgian candy sugars helped nudge up the ABV. We hit 13.2% ABV, and we’ve retained a crisp, malty profile. Not too much sweetness. This one is definitely meant to cellar. I’m picturing legendary vertical tastings every year when the new vintage is out.”

Put Triple Nator in a glass or put it in your cellar. The next chapter is yours.

Triple Nator goes on sale only at Tröegs starting at 11 a.m. Thurs/March 25. It’s a very limited run, so we have a two 4-pack limit until Sunday/March 28 to give Troegenator’s biggest fans a shot at this special beer.