Troegs-floor-plan-concept2Once the brewhouse location was locked in we could start thinking through the whole brewery flow from grain to bottle.  The east side (hot side) is where all the milling, mixing, boiling and the west side (cold) is for fermentation, filtration, lab analysis, packaging and shipping.  It’s a very simple and efficient flow with a self guided tour path running parallel with the brewing process.

Conceptually we wanted to design the brewery so you could grab a glass of beer at the bar and go for a walk following the brewing process.   You’ll pretty much be able to see everything that happens in a working brewery starting in the tasting room.  As you enter the east side you are immediately greeted by two brewhouses (more on that later – John’s blog coming soon) in a room big enough for 100+ people.

Grab your beer and enter the west side of the building and continue down the 10’ tour path – passing fermentation tanks, laboratory, filtration, and kegging.    As you approach the end the tour path opens up with a viewing area of bottling looping passed the wood barrel aging room and into the general store/giftshop.  Everything is very open and free flowing, you will be able to see, smell, taste and hear the bottles being filled.