Harrisburg, where we first opened our doors more than 20 years ago, holds a special place in our hearts, and it was our pleasure to team up with Harris Family Brewery on our Black is Beautiful collaboration beer. When we were thinking about ways this beer could benefit our community, Amiracle4sure was an obvious choice. Amiracle4sure is a local nonprofit that provides education, mentoring and advocacy for people as they transform their lives after incarceration. The organization was founded by Marsha Banks, the mother of Harris Family brewery co-founder Timothy White.

We are pleased to report that we were able to donate $14,439.05 to help further Amiracle4sure’s mission. This amount represents proceeds generated by sales of our Black is Beautiful collaboration beer. Customer response for this beer – and its message – was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you, all!

Discover the story behind this poignant collaboration and see photos from the brew day on this Black is Beautiful blog post.