We had no idea that a little experiment with Mosaic hops would set us on a year-long path to a new double IPA. But seven small-batch Scratch beers later, here we are. Nimble Giant debuts today, and it’s your turn to #findthegiant.

Our brewers were about four batches in when we realized we were onto something. It was Scratch #195, the first time we dry-hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe, where we nailed that big, hoppy wow factor. Strangers stopped co-founder and brewmaster John Trogner in our Tasting Room, in the sporting goods store and at the butcher shop just to tell him how much they loved Scratch 195.

“We didn’t set out to release another double IPA,” he says. “But when we tasted this hop combination, we latched on and couldn’t let go.”

We love how Nimble Giant builds. The layers of Mosaic, Azacca and Simcoe hops take over your senses. Mango, tropical fruit and creamsicle notes give the beer a silky juiciness that builds to a punch in the face of grapefruit rind, honeysuckle and pineapple.

Nimble Giant, clocking in at 9% ABV and 69 IBUs, is available on draft and in 4-packs of 16-oz. cans wherever you find Troegs. At our Hershey brewery, you’ll find draft, 16-oz. singles, 4-packs, cases, growlers, crowlers and a handful of 3-liter bottles starting at 11 a.m. June 27. And if you’re buying it here, please keep it to 5 cases or less.

But be warned: Nimble Giant is extremely limited and will be here and gone in a flash. So fast, in fact, that our Brew Finder won’t be much help. Your best bet is to track down this new double IPA by following the hashtag #findthegiant.