Kristen McCoy, the charcuterie artist behind Philly’s Crumb & Cow, has built a big following – and a business – out of artistic presentations of meat and cheese. Check out her tips for putting together an Instagram-worthy spread and picking out a few perfect pairings.

Start with cheese

“When I’m laying out a board, I always do the cheese first. I recommend two to three types, ranging in milk type, taste and texture. The meats come next. Then your jams, honeys, dips, fruits and crunches. For a good mix, think about the rule of SSCT: sweet, savory, color and texture.”

Have a beer, get creative

“I have some go-to’s when it comes to pairings. I like to pair a gouda with something malty and sweet like Troegenator. If you have an IPA like Perpetual, I like a good stilton or gorgonzola. But everyone’s palate is so different. That’s why it’s good to get creative and build in variety. Your guests can create their own adventure.”

More is more

“Anyone can put cheese and crackers on a plate. But making it beautiful is an art form. People eat with their eyes first, so take your time and include some surprises. Build a wreath around the board with rosemary. Or add some small ornaments or candy canes. I always say the more the better. I love when you can’t even see the board.”

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